2D Animating Specialization

Consists of 5 courses that prepare you to be a 2D animator with strong control on drawing frame by frame animations and a full understanding of the 2D Animation pipeline


Courses to take for completing specialization:

1- Drawing Basics course

2- Advanced Drawing course

3- Digital Painting course

4- 2D Animation Fundamentals course

5- Acting for Animation course


Career related jobs to 2D Animating specialization:

2D Animator
Responsible for making the animations in a 2D video whether characters, animals or objects.
The 2D animator possesses a very high set of skills in drawing and can create animations frame by frame.

Questions about specializations

How can I skip a certain course in a specialization as I have studied it before or have the knowledge it provides?
You can get an exemption from taking this course by providing your portfolio that shows you don’t need this course.

Can I take advantage of common courses to obtain more than one specialization?
Yes, you can combine more than one specialization without the need to retake the common courses again.

Do I need any prior knowledge before starting any specialization?
No, each specialization starts from the beginning.