3D Props for Games

This course teaches the fundamentals of creating 3D props for games covering the whole process from Referencing, modeling, detailing, texturing, etc. The props created are optimized to be used in Unreal engine.

by Oday Abuzaeed

• Gathering & Breaking down references

• Model detailing into Zbrsuh

• Prop blocking out, low poly modelling

• UV Unwrapping concept

• Textile density

• Blend Shapes

• UV stacking

• Prop texturing in substance painter

3D Modeling and Texturing course is required

OR equivalent skills

Recorded video materials and live feedback sessions

2000 EGP

The course is ready, start anytime.

1- Fill out the application form with your information

2- Upload your 3D artwork through the same form

3- Wait for Nayzak acceptance call

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