Hanaa Medhat

Digital Artist

Graduated from faculty of fine arts, specialized in digital painting & concept art

Odai Abuzaid

3D Environment Artist

3d environment artist who is known to be a full-time geek and an open-source enthusiastic

Ahmed Tahawy

Creative Director

Multidisciplinary designer who combines between both production and academic excellence

Ahmed Morsy

Senior 3D Animator

Senior 3D Animator highly experienced in animating action fight scenes and acting

Mostafa Younis

Concept Artist

3d environment artist who is known to be a full-time geek and an open-source enthusiastic

Chaymaa Sobhy

Books Illustrator

A professional illustrator specialized in children books illustration digitally and printed

Eslam Mazhar

Animation Director

A professional 2D Animator specialized in frame by frame Animation and Compositing.

Abdalllah Ahmed

3D Generalist

3D Generalist with a focus on hard-surface modeling, texturing and


Khalid Ibrahim

3D Character Artist

Specialized in Digital Sculpting & Texturing with a special interest in Stylized 3D Characters

Noha Ragheb

2D Character Artist

2D character artist focusing on creating characters based on shapes using distortion.

Bassem Wageh

3D Character Artist

3D Character artist for animation with focus on anatomy and high detailed texturing

Mohamed Shaalan

3D Character Atist

3D character artist located in the UK specialized in realistic character for film & cinematics

Youssra Shedeed

2D Animator

A 2D Animator and a storyteller specialized in frame by frame animations.

Rokaya Saeed

Concept Artist - Set Designer

Concept artist specialized in set design storytelling and visualization for entertainment industry

Mohamed Habib

3D Rigging TD

3D Rigging TD with experiences in simulation, 3D rigging for games & Mel scripting

Kareem Bahaa


Scriptwriter and professor, specialized in writing for animation

Karim Elgarah

Motion Graphics Animator

Senior motion graphics animator experienced in info-graphics morphing animations

Nissmah Roshdy

2D Animation Artist

Experienced 2D animator & short film director, focused on Cutout character rigging & animation

Adel ElBadrawy

Animation Director

Experienced Animation Director in both 2D and 3D animation

Fares Ghazi


Concept and background artist with specific experience in traditional painting

Omar Abdulkader

Concept Design Artist

Experienced Concept Artist. with exceptional Skills in Data Research & Creative Concept Design

Ahmed Mohamed

Painting Artist

Specialized in Drawing oil paintings of portraits and contemporary art.

Ali Abd Elnasser

3D Animator

3D Character animator with special passion in camera animation and directing

Khaled Zakaria

3D Animator

3D Animator Specialized in body mechanics and creature animation