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What Course Should I start with? / I am interested in animation, how should I start?

Drawing course is a main course and a prerequisite course for concept art and 2D animation diplomas, so in many cases it is the course you should start with.


If am interested in graphic design, how should I start?

If you are interested in graphic design ot its branches as advertising, branding, motion graphics or illustration, then you should start with Graphic Design Fundamentals Diploma.


Can I skip Drawing course if i am good at drawing?

Yes, you can have exemption from the Drawing course if you don't need it. You only have to send your drawing portfolio to


Do I have to take 2D Animation before 3D Animation?

No, 2D Animation and 3D Animation are two types of animation. You can study one and not the other.


What Certificates does Nayzak Animation School offer?

Nayzak Animation School offers two types of certificates. Certificate of completion for courses and Diploma certificates for Diplomas.


Where is Nayzak Animation School Located?

Nayzak Animation School is located in Nasr city in Cairo. for more details on the location please visit our contact us page.

Do you provide any animation training or internships after study?

Nayzak Started an initiative called The internship studio aims to enhance the students skills in the animation filmmaking field, it gives Nayzak students the chance to practice on real life animation projects under supervision from Nayzak instructors.


Does Nayzak have branches in cities other than Cairo ?

No, the only Nayzak branch is in Cairo